Masami Sushi

 We want to pamper the detail, providing originality by merging it with our own signature, respecting the highest quality and creating unique flavors.

Our Objetive

Our objective is to spread our name in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, to reach the whole world, in addition to spreading the concept of Sushi, as Masami Sushi always combines between the new concept and experience with the new type of food.
And the way we invented sushi and the new way to présent it is that sushi is a piece of art

Masami Sushi

Masami Sushi

Providing the highest quality food and service

The perfection

Japanese cuisine is one of the most appreciated in Saudi Arabia, it is a cuisine that takes great care of the presentation of the dishes and uses healthy ingredients and culinary techniques. In Masami Sushi we add special touches, with a unique signature. In this way, a delicious fusion cuisine is obtained.

Table Booking

Sushi Cake

The customer must pay the amount for the sushi cake in the chosen branch you requested within 24 hours after ordering the sushi cake. If the payment is not made, the reservation will be canceled.

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